Magnesium Solution: A Growing Stressed Population & How To Profit

  • Friday, 03/09/2018: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Room: Marriott, Platinum Ballroom 4


Over 70% of the population is magnesium deficient which can be caused by various stresses. Magnesium is involved with hundreds of activities within our bodies. Cellular magnesium deficiency can also express itself as fatigue and low energy; inability to sleep; muscle tension, spasms and cramps; anxiousness and nervousness; headaches; constipation and abnormal heart rhythms to name a few.

Stress is a growing problem and Dr. Jonny Bowden will train you to help identify magnesium deficiency symptoms that customers may be addressing to retailers along with how and why a healthy magnesium balance is vital to an ever-growing consumer demand for solutions.
Dr. Bowden will also present action steps and product solutions for retailers to provide its customers. 

Learning Objectives

How to identify magnesium deficiency.
Why a healthy magnesium balance is paramount to optimal health.
How to educate your customers about magnesium- the miracle mineral's scientifically proven benefits and health solution.


Jonny Bowden PhD, CNS

Author & Board Certified Nutrition Specialist