Learnings from the Leaf – Stevia’s Journey to Great Taste

  • Friday, 03/09/2018: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Room: Marriott, Platinum Ballroom 3


When stevia first came into the market in 2008, it was considered the holy grail of natural sweeteners as it was plant-based, had zero-calories and believed to match the taste of sugar. However, the conventional leaf varieties of stevia had taste challenges. Years of agronomic and sensory has led to a better tasting stevia plant called StarLeaf, which can provide sugar-like taste in food and beverage products.

In the ongoing dialogue around natural-origin products, great taste must also be met. This presentation will take an in-depth look at how one company made this journey over the past ten years to get to a plant-based solution for reducing sugar in food and beverage products. 

Learning Objectives

The presentation will address:
• How do consumer's feel about stevia as an ingredient
• Stevia's evolution on taste - moving beyond Reb A and cultivating StarLeaf
• The importance of transparency in a growing market


Faith Son

Vice President, Global Marketing and Innovation at PureCircle