Hemp CBD: A Staple for the Practice of Radical Self Care

  • Saturday, 03/10/2018: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
  • Room: Marriott, Platinum Ballroom 5


It's no surprise that over the years, more and more people are taking charge of their own health. As natural health enthusiasts, we know that often it's the little changes that contribute to the improvement of one's overall well-being, and the definition of self-care is exactly that.

Our presenters will explore the concept of radical self-care as it relates to diet and supplementation, particularly how phytocannabinoids and hemp CBD products may play a central role in finding one's balance. By addressing the number one reality all humans face - STRESS - attendees will learn the mechanisms of action that happen to the body when it occurs and the impact on the newly discovered Endocannabinoid System. Presenters will cover how hemp-derived phytocannabinoids like CBD are changing the nutrition game from a retail perspective and how store employees can relate the science to customers in a way that's compliant and factual, ultimately contributing to one's pursuit of radical self-care.

Learning Objectives

Attendees will explore the core beliefs around radical self-care and how the practice may be a key to enhancing overall well-being. Learn how hemp extracts, particularly hemp CBD, are important components in one's nutritional toolbox in achieving Endocannabinoid System health. Finally, presenters will recommend a nutritional protocol for achieving self-care that can be applied at a retail level, including what to look for in a quality hemp extract brand.


Aimee Shunney ND

Medical Advisor
CV Sciences

Maggie Frank

National Educator
CV Sciences